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For the benefit of everyone:
Committed to Essen

You can't run a successful hotel without caring truly and deeply about the well-being of other people. For us, the self-evidence does not end outside our front door. We do what we can, whenever we can, to help the people in our city less fortunate than ourselves and our guests.


For instance, we are members in the Friends of Maria Wächter Grammar School (www.mwg-essen.de), helping to provide teaching materials and modern computers in an age in which the ever-tightening belts in public sector financing make investments in new equipment impossible.

Maria-Wächtler Gymnasium


Finally, we also help the facility Raum.58 (www.raum-58.de), in which homeless adolescents find a place to sleep, warm food, clothing and above all a helping hand to find their way back into regular life.


Football club Sportfreunde 07

We are strip sponsors for the football club VFL Sportfreunde 07 (www.sportfreunde07.de). But it's not the advertising effect we're after. It's the way they remain dedicated to working with children and young people, functioning as an important centre of social integration in multicultural Essen.

Fußballvereins Sportfreunde 07