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A great hotel, beautiful rooms, fantastic location – so far, so good. But the heart and soul of our house are still found in the people who give you the feeling of being welcome guests, who cater to your every individual need and who make that delightful little difference between an anonymous stopover and personal hospitality. This is how we perceive our work. This is how we want to welcome you. And this is what we look like:

Here are some images and profiles

  • Nadine Zenzen

    Hotel Management

    As manager of wbw hotels she’s at the cutting edge in the Maximilians or on her flying visits to the Hotel An der Gruga. She puts everything into ensuring the wellbeing of guests and staff and a good occupancy rate for the hotels. To balance it out Nadine Zenzen is happy to take second place once in a while on motorbike trips during her free time.

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  • Constanze Reichel

    Reservations Management

    The wbw hotels „voice on the phone“ is your professional contact for everything to do with booking rooms. From individual, trade-fair or group bookings to arranging weddings: Constanze Reichel has all the moves professionally and when her day's work is over she carries on moving to a Latin American rhythm at Zumba classes.

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  • Karen Wilda (ehemals Broll)

    Breakfast Management at the Hotel an der Gruga

    Substantial, fit, healthy and balanced – that’s how our guests prefer their breakfast. Karen Wilda takes it in her stride because it’s exactly to her own taste, and at the end of the day she needs the energy for long-distance cycling tours with her dog Lucy.

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  • Manuela Werner

    Breakfast Management at the Hotel Maximilians

    Whether they want fried eggs or home-made smoothies, Manuela Werner can read it in the eyes of each guest, as long as they can keep them open that early in the morning. In her spare time she can be found riding in the paddock or woods with her horse Penny.

    +49 (0) 201-450 17-0

  • Katharina Kämpf (geb. Hoffmeister)

    Front Office Manager

    As young in years as she is full of competence and expertise she's the first contact for our guests at the reception desk. Not only is she open to all their questions; that’s also how she likes to drive. She adores her convertible and once work’s over she has the top down, music and sunglasses on and off she goes!

    +49 (0) 201- 84 11 8-0

  • Lara

    Qualified liverwurst expert

    Lara is the undisputed expert in the matter of testing sandwiches, especially liverwurst sandwiches. During leisure time she is not quite that successful, since hare are much faster than sandwiches.

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