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Events in Essen
You don't have to roll far if you want to rock!

Whether it's trade fairs, concerts in the Grugahalle, theatre, comedy, opera or musicals. It's high times in Essen and throughout the Pott all year round. And it won't take you any time at all to hit those nightspots if you stay in our hotel! Got plans for this evening? For next week? Next month? Here you can find a list of all the events scheduled to get the Pott boiling in the coming weeks.

  • 20.02.2016
    Kulinarische Stadtführungen: Essen Rüttenscheid-Tour · Event

    zip: 45131 · place: Essen · street: Manfredstrasse 10 · phone: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0

  • 03.03.2016
    Helges Konzertreise - LASS KnACKEN OPPA! · Konzert

    zip: 45131 · place: Essen · street: Norbertstraße 1 · phone: 0201-7244-0